09:10 - 09:40


Mark brings with him 32 years of operational experience ranging from fire-fighter through to Commissioner and now Director-General, as well as 18 years in senior executive leadership and strategic management.

In his role as Director General EMA Mark is responsible for the coordination of Australia’s response to crises, including natural disasters and to terrorist or security related incidents both domestically and internationally.

Mark Crosweller AFSM

Mark Crosweller AFSM

Director General Emergency Management Australia

The Australian Capital Territory Public Sector Young Leaders Conference

Thursday 25th May 2017

09:40 - 10:30

Development Session

It is inevitable that at some point, either in the workplace or in your personal life, you will need to initiate or engage difficult conversations. Such conversations include providing critical feedback to a member of staff, apologising for one’s own behaviour, requesting a colleague or boss to examine and change their behaviour, dealing with tension within the team or with an individual. In fact, a difficult conversation is any conversation that you find difficult. During this session, participants will explore the dynamics involved in difficult conversations and develop their ability to initiate and manage these interchanges effectively.

11:00 - 11:30

Keynote address

Virginia Haussegger AM is a passionate advocate for gender diversity. Virginia has recently been appointed to head up a new gender equality initiative, the 50/50 by 2030 Foundation, at the University of Canberra’s Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis (IGPA). With a singular focus on improving the representation of women in leadership and key decision making roles across all levels of government and public administration, the Foundation will synthesize best practice research and expertise in gender analysis.

An award-winning journalist, author and social commentator with more than 25 years as a television broadcaster, Virginia has reported from around the globe for leading current affair programs on Channel 9, the Seven Network and the ABC. For the past 15 years she has anchored the ABC’s flagship 7pm TV News in Canberra. 

She sits on a number of boards including, UN Women National Committee Australia; Women in Media Canberra; and the ACT Government’s Cultural Facilities Corporation. 

In 2014 Virginia was made a Member of the Order of Australia for her services to gender equity, women’s rights and the media.

Virginia Haussegger AM

Virginia Haussegger AM


Former ABC Newsreader and Head of 50/50 by 2030 Foundation ANU

15:30 - 16:20

Keynote address

Kerren Crosthwaite

Kerren Crosthwaite

Acting Group Manager, Employment Policy, Australia Public Service Commission

09:00 - 09:10

Welcome and Opening Comments

Antony Maxwell

Senior Facilitator & Director of Learning and Development, ASAM

Antony Maxwell GPS Learning



10:30 - 11:00 MORNING TEA​

11:30 - 12:30

Development Session

As well as being part of who you are and how you want to be known, your reputation reflects your ambitions and how you go about achieving them. This session focusses on creating a pragmatic and purposeful plan for on-going professional and personal achievement and developing an awareness of what influences others’ perception and experience of us. Participants explore elements such as establishing a personal vision, prioritizing investment in professional development and identifying and achieving key career goals.​


12:30 - 13:30 LUNCH​

14:00 - 15:00

Development Session

The ability to effectively manage and leverage relationships with people in more senior positions is a critical aspect of functioning effectively in any workplace environment, and is something that many young leaders find challenging. Failure to manage relationships with more senior colleagues effectively can lead to confusion, wasted time and effort and increased stress. But learning how to interact appropriately and build strong alliances with more senior staff can have major advantages in relation to future career advancement and job satisfaction. During this session participants will explore ways to work effectively with a variety of stakeholders and how to handle more challenging or delicate situations.


15:00 - 15:20 Afternoon Tea​

15:20 - 15:50

Keynote address

Michael leads the Operations Group, which is responsible for compliance and enforcement operations relating to the movement of travellers and goods throughout the border continuum, including on-shore detention operations. He brings over 30 years of experience in a range of specialised areas, including community policing, covert operations, criminal intelligence, protective and major event security, public order management, and the investigation of terrorism, transnational organised crime and corruption.

Previously Michael served as an Assistant Commissioner with the AFP responsible for the national protection function. He has worked at national and international level establishing and overseeing joint agency investigations, intelligence operations and task forces dealing with serious organised crime.

Michael was awarded the Australian Police Medal in 2014, a Master of Business & Technology degree and won a university prize for academic achievement. Michael was the AFP’s Disability Champion and commenced as the Portfolio’s Disability Champion in 2015. He is committed to increasing representation in the workforce for people with disabilities and is a firm believer in the significant advantages that workforce diversity brings to any organisation.

Michael Outram APM

Michael Outram APM

Deputy Commissioner, Operations Group, Department of Immigration and Border Protection

15:50 - 16:50

Development Session

As leaders, we are constantly striving to maximise our own output and that of our team. We are all challenged by the need to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities and to do more with less.  Staying focused on the bigger picture and knowing how to prioritise, enables us to get the best return on our effort and energy. During this session, participants will explore how to step back from the day to day, be mindful of the big picture and use this knowledge to prioritise their actions appropriately in order to enhance productivity and their own wellbeing.


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