Long-term leadership journey​

City of Wyndham


GPS Colloquium Outcomes

at City of Wyndham

City of Wyndham benefited from their GPS Colloquium experience through:

  • Strengthened connections to existing corporate values
  • A deeper level of unity, which increased the team’s willingness to share interpersonal feedback
  • Improved levels of engagement and a focus towards collective team achievement

Kerry Thompson

CEO City of Wyndham

We can't always put the finger on what it is, but something is different. Managers or directors are engaging more, they're positive in their language about what's happening.​

They aimed to develop the organisational culture by upskilling individuals, building team unity and achieving organisational growth. 

City of Wyndham chose the Colloquium for their long-term journey to grow leadership capacity.


City of Wyndham is located on the western edge of Melbourne. The city is a designated growth area of Melbourne and currently ranks as the third fastest growing local government area in Victoria. Wyndham has a growing and diverse population, with forecasts indicating the population will be in excess of 330,000 by 2031. The annual revenue is in excess of $400m.

Belinda Stewart, Kindergarten Services Coordinator, on how the Colloquium transformed her leadership team.

Belinda Stewart

Kindergarten Services Coordinator

People saw a team that became empowered. A team that once upon a time felt that they weren't part of the organisation who didn't have a voice and all of a sudden they did.


City of Wyndham engaged GPS Learning to initially deliver the Colloquium to its senior executive team and twenty senior managers. 

The Colloquium’s success led the program to be extended to ninety coordinators and team leaders. During this significant growth period other customised sessions were held to assist with the development of individual responsibility, shared language, values based behaviour and team unity.

I couldn’t even believe we could have gotten to that position. It was just a new level of energy, a new vibe, but very different conversations. The conversations were deep conversations, willingness to talk about their own issues, vulnerabilities.

Kerry Thompson

CEO City of Wyndham

Kerry Thompson, CEO City of Wyndham, shares her thoughts on Wyndham’s team and individual successes and some advice for other CEOs and general managers seeking leadership development.

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