GPS Colloquium Outcomes

at Tenterfield Shire Council 

Damien Connor

CEO Tenterfield Shire Council

The organisations approach to leadership has been transformed… the organisation is far more focused and far more together

Tenterfield Shire Council utilised the Applied Management Colloquium to unite the executive leaders and managers towards a collaborative and unified team.


Tenterfield Shire Council is located in the New England region of New South Wales, approximately 660 kilometres north of Sydney and 275 kilometres south-west of Brisbane.  Tenterfield is a regional town with a population 6,500 residents and is surrounded by spectacular bushland and a variety of national parks. 

The executive leader and manager group recognised the success of Colloquium at an early stage. Feedback indicated that it far surpassed expectations and that it is the best local government workshop that they had been involved in. Moreover, end of program quantitative feedback supported this sentiment with a 98.4% average score for the overall Colloquium program rating.

The Colloquium provides all of the key foundation stones to help a group self-sustain and drive itself forward. A real strength of the Colloquium is its in place and onsite delivery, working with the group to develop the group.

Damien Connor

Chief Executive Officer

Damien Connor, CEO Tenterfield Shire Council shares his reflections on the success of the Applied Management Colloquium.

The best local government workshop I have been involved in

T. Davidson

Tenterfield Shire Council Manager

This program far exceeded my expectations! Thank you

H. Bolton

Tenterfield Shire Council Manager

The Tenterfield Shire Council leadership team benefited from their GPS Colloquium through:

  • Cohesion of the collective leadership team
  • Transformed approach to leadership
  • Organisational values engrained, understood and communicated
  • Clear strategic direction
  • Growth and development of individual leaders 

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