Paul Bennett

CEO Tamworth Regional Council

This leadership program has been the single best leadership program that I have done in my entire career…. it has had the most profound impact.

The Colloquium provided the ability to reflect inwardly, create space and then evaluate before moving forward… it has been transformational.

Tamworth Regional Council utilised the Colloquium for the development of its executive leadership team.


Tamworth Regional Council is located in the New England area of New South Wales, approximately 400 kilometres north of Sydney. It has over 500 employees and a yearly revenue in excess of $175m.  

Members of the Tamworth Regional Council executive team engaged in Applied Management Colloquium with other senior leaders and business owners from Tamworth’s Chamber of Commerce.

The success of the program was evident across the cohort through self-awareness, personal responsibility, the development of vulnerability based trust and a commitment to deeper interpersonal relationships.

Paul Bennett

Chief Executive Officer

I have to say that the feedback that I've got since I've done the colloquium has been that I just seem much happier, much calmer, much more focused on what it is to be the leader rather than just being busy all the time

The Tamworth Regional Council executive team benefited from their GPS Colloquium through:

  • The strengthening of unity and cohesion within the group
  • Deeper trust which translated to the team’s willingness to engage in interpersonal feedback
  • Alignment of collective goals related to values base behaviour and a constructive culture with the council 

Paul Bennett, CEO Tamworth Regional Council shares his reflections on the profound impact that the Colloquium has offered to his leadership development.

The colloquium provided a much greater awareness to how I impact others and how other people's cues are appreciated by me… the program took me to another level

Peter Thompson

Director, Planning & Compliance

The impact of the colloquium was exactly what I was hoping, which are those moments when I can say that there are better ways of doing things without really struggling. There are soft and gentle ways to manoeuvre things

Caroline Lumley

Manager Communications & Community Engagement

Chris Weber

Director, Corporate & Governance

It gave me a practical set of tools that I could take back to the workplace

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