With extensive experience building and maintaining relationships with large and or complex institutions, including different tiers of government, GPS Learning’s training faculty is perfectly positioned to assist organisations towards heightened levels of employee wellbeing, collaboration and performance. Using behavioural science and other recognised change approaches we assist organisations towards improved outcomes through an on-going, systematic process of sustainable incremental change.​ We have extensive experience assisting our clients towards improved organisational health in a wide range of areas including the following:​​

Some of our Clients

A range of high impact services for increasing the effectiveness of organisations and enhancing their capacity for continuous improvement.​

Organisational Services

Values, Vision and Strategic Alignment​​

Culture, Climate and Assessment​​


Performance Management​​

Critical Thinking and Innovation​​

Inclusion and Diversity​​

Team Dynamics​​

Change Management​​

Coaching and Mentoring​​

Succession Planning​​

Engagement and Motivation Strategies​​

Employee Health and Wellbeing​​

Social Capital​​

Recruitment and Retention​​

Building and developing resilience​​

Government and public sector learning