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GPS delivers cultural development, coaching, psychometric and 360 assessments and training.

Our highly-skilled facilitators consult on developing fully customised learning solutions.​


Transforming Organisational Culture

GPS Learning’s Organisational Culture Program (OCP) Program is a fully customised and collaboratively developed transformative experience that uses innovative facilitative techniques to align employees to your organisation’s values, goals and strategic direction.

The OCP builds upon the unique agenda-setting methodology that inspires leaders during the Colloquium and extends it to an entire organisation. This inclusiveness asks employees at every level to consider their individual purpose and its alignment to the organisation, what they want for the organisation’s future and how that can be achieved.

This process is the difference GPS Learning offers, it builds over time and keeps the organisation collectively focused on the individual and team responsibility required to produce cultural change.

See the difference GPS Learning can make by reading our Goulburn Mulwaree Council case study.

GPS faculty have extensive experience of partnering with public sector organisations to identify unique needs. Our unique understanding of the sector enables us to design and deliver a diverse range of tailored learning experiences.

To learn more about our established history of successful partnerships please review our case studies.

Alternatively, please contact us to discuss how our unique products and methodologies can help achieve your goals.


Conflict Management

In this session participants will learn how to identify and describe the different approaches to managing conflict in workplace situations. Participants will reflect on their own preferred style and how it impacts their ability to gain mutually agreeable outcomes with their customers and colleagues in specific workplace situations. 

Communication, Presence and Influence

The workshop focuses on effective communication and influencing at different levels - interpersonal, team and organisational. This session explores one’s own preferred style of communicating and the impact of that style on others. Participants will explore a range of approaches for understanding and managing different responses to what is communicated and apply them at a practical level to their own situation at work. 

Team Dynamics

In this workshop participants will explore best practice evidence of very high performing teams and their underlying core behaviours. Participants will also explore how to set clear expectations through building upon those behaviours and how to establish mutual understanding with team members. Through building awareness and then applying those behaviours to teams, we will increase effectiveness.


GPS has designed a rigorous, best-practice coaching methodology that adheres to the International Coach Federation’s code of ethics.

Through confidential transformational dialog, GPS coaches create opportunities for reflection and the exploration of adaptive challenges.

Our coaching programs have been recognised across the sector for transforming the practices of leaders working through people and cultural change.

Executive coaching

GPS executive coaching is tailored to the unique leadership demands of the public sector. Our coaches work with executives to identify and plan resolutions for adaptive challenges.

Management coaching

GPS management coaching supports you to  enhance professional performance.  Attention focuses on the most important personal goals and challenges affecting your management effectiveness and presence.

Team coaching

To build more unified teams and a deeper commitment to team goals, our skilled GPS Learning coaches facilitate team coaching sessions. Utilising a strengths-based approach, these sessions drive sustained change for individual and team performance.


GPS delivers 360° feedback reporting, personality profiling, and debriefs to leaders at every level of the public sector. We use a range of instruments, including Human Synergistics, Hogan, Team Management Systems, and our custom-designed GPS 360° assessment.

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