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​GPS Learning programs focus on the critical dimensions of effective leadership and people management and are designed to provide highly practical, real-world outcomes.

Employing a sophisticated, blended learning approach, our programs enable participants to realise exceptional outcomes whilst continuing to be present and effective in their workplace. By equipping individuals with the insights, skills and confidence to accelerate their own capability, we help foster a climate of collaboration and innovation across organisations.

THE Employee

 The Employee Wellbeing Toolkit is a self-paced organisational development platform enabling all staff to take a proactive approach to their own health and wellbeing and work together to foster a more supportive and inclusive professional climate.

The Employee Wellbeing Toolkit


A seven month team development program, for senior local government managers, focused on the skills behaviours and mindsets required for effective people management and organisational success. The program provides a unique platform for leadership teams to work together to deeply explore their collective strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in the context of building and maintaining a highly effective
and efficient organisation.

The Australian Local Government Leadership Colloquium

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