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The Australian Local Government Colloquium

 The program is delivered by the Australian School of Applied Management and is underpinned by stakeholders spanning Australian universities, industry, and major employer groups.​

Program duration


Weekly commitment


Expert Video Tutorial

5 Sessions

Peer Learning Sessions

5 Sessions

Enhance leadership effectiveness through practical tools and strategies?

The Colloquium is a practical and highly effective development program focused on transforming leadership performance and effectiveness.

Throughout the program, theoretical learning is constantly related back to day-to-day challenges and opportunities; ensuring learning outcomes are shaped by real world experience. Moreover, the strong focus on applied learning ensures participating organisations begin to benefit from increased performance and productivity immediately.​​

A comprehensive exploration of how leadership teams can work together to transform organisational performance


Leading innovation and change

This module focuses on the leadership skills involved in driving innovation and change. Participants critically discuss the application of relevant theory and explore the way in which innovation and change are inextricably intertwined. Participants then examine leadership challenges during times of crisis, gaining an understanding of the way in which leaders can build an agile and resilient organisation.


Driving performance

Participants learn how to provide feedback and motivate their team to exceed performance expectations. Participants identify key principles of performance management in order to ensure consistency with organisational objectives. This module also explores techniques involved in coaching others and building individual capability.

The Colloquium is a team orientated program focusing on the critical dimensions of effective interpersonal communication and collaboration.

Through the program, teams participate in a series of highly interactive learning experiences, sharing their journey and learning more about each other in the process. In addition to creating high level self and interpersonal awareness, the program equips teams to function with an increased level of effectiveness.​

Improve team cohesion through real-world activities and projects

Transform performance through strategic innovation

Through developing the behaviours and mindsets that enhance strategic thinking and innovation,

the Colloquium provides a rich environment to incubate new ideas, discuss future initiatives and create sustainable processes for identifying and achieving key strategic objectives.


Strategic thinking and organisational learning

Participants are challenged to ‘rethink’ their organisation’s purpose and strategy by exploring the assumptions that underpin them and their strategic response to them. They develop a heightened awareness of the systemic influences that impact their organisation and develop the capacity to challenge their own and others’ mental models.


Purpose, priorities and professional development

The final module focuses on developing skills to hone a competitive edge. Participants will learn to develop effective work goals and behaviours to competently manage work priorities. They also explore the critical elements of establishing personal work objectives, prioritising workload for optimum achievement and building on professional competence.

Theme 1

Leadership and authenticity

Participants undertake a capability assessment to evaluate their ability in key areas. Results from this assessment help inform each participant’s focus areas and support them to achieve their developmental objectives. Following completion of the program a second assessment is undertaken reinforcing and highlighting important growth.

Theme 2

Communication, presence and influence

This module commences with an exploration of one’s own preferred style of communication and the impact of one’s style on others. Participants develop skills for effective communication and influencing at interpersonal, team, and organisational levels.

Theme 3

Team dynamics

Participants explore the practical implications of managing diverse and challenging groups and examine the qualities shared by high performing teams. Participants then move on to develop effective strategies to foster cultures that support optimal teamwork.​

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