Collaborative leadership journey 

Ku-ring-gai Council


GPS Colloquium Outcomes

at Ku-ring-gai Council

The most significant impact for Ku-ring-gai has been the connection of the management team.

Interactions have become open, honest and genuine and the difficult conversations became less difficult.

Moreover, peer to peer feedback became positive and genuine, which was a significant shift from it historically been seen as criticism. 

John McKee

CEO Ku-ring-gai Council

Interactions became open honest and genuine and the difficult conversations became less difficult. Feedback also was perceived as positive and genuine rather than being seen as a criticism.​

This is the case study of their success.

Ku-ring-gai chose the Colloquium for their collaborative journey for more effective communication, improved decision-making and clearer accountability.


Ku-ring-gai is located on Sydney's upper north shore, about 16km from the Sydney CBD. It is predominantly residential, but contains significant areas of bushland, parkland, and waterways. It has more than 400 employees and a yearly revenue greater than $150m.

Five directors from Ku-ring-gai share their experiences of the Colloquium’s change.

Janice Bevan

Director Community

When we got back, the staff were noticing a difference and there was a difference between the relationship within the senior management team and it was translated down to the managements groups as well.

After hearing about the highly effective GPS Colloquium at our Local Leadership Summit, Ku-ring-gai Council engaged GPS Learning to deliver the Colloquium to its executive team and twenty-one senior managers. 

GPS Learning then worked with Ku-ring-gai Council to deliver a customised two day workshop to its elected members, based on the Colloquium. A further fifty coordinators and team leaders subsequently went through the program.

I’ve had enormous feedback from staff at all levels across council in relation to the enhanced cohesion and cooperation across the management team.

John McKee

CEO Ku-ring-gai Council

John McKee, CEO Ku-ring-gai Council, shares his thoughts on their organisation's successes along with some advice for other CEOs and general managers looking at developing their leadership teams.

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