“I’ve had enormous feedback from staff at all levels of Council in relation to enhanced cohesion and cooperation across the management team. People respect each other, respect each other’s views, open up, admit they’ve made mistakes rather than be caught in the vacuum of blame or denial. People now put their hand up and proactively work to resolve issues.” 

John McKee, CEO - Ku-ring-gai Council


What were the expectations going into the program?

Ku-ring-gai Council Chief Executive Officer, John McKee recognsied the need to develop leadership capacity within the management team after the bi-annual Employee Climate Survey. Indeed, common issues that surfaced from the survey were identified as a breakdown in communication between teams and a lack of clarity and certainty around decision making, responsibility and performance management. Mr McKee thought it was critical to get the whole team together to openly and honestly analyse the issues as a group, to then create unified strategies that they could all commit to.

What have been the key impact areas?

The most significant impact for Ku-ring-gai has been the connection of the management team. In CEO, John McKee’s words, the Ku-ring-gai Senior Management Team is ‘tighter’ than it ever has been before. Each and every member of the team has benefited from the program, interactions have become open, honest and genuine and the difficult conversations have become less difficult. Following the program, the key concepts are now part of the norm and the team continues to use them on a day to day basis. This does not only apply to people who have done the program, it has also filtered down to staff at other levels.

What feedback did participants give?

During the program, participants were asked to provide feedback on various elements of the program including the impact it was having on their performance as a leader. A snapshot of the aggregated feedback is included below.

Ku-ring-gai Council

“It has elevated the whole leadership team to a new level of interacting and moving forward as a team. Truly transformational, it has given us effective tools and approaches to effect change with our teams.”  ​

“I have a stronger understanding of myself and how others perceive me. I am more motivated in my professional endeavours and feel confident about the future of the Ku-ring-gai team.”  ​

“The program has given me a new perspective in both my work and personal life.  It has provided tools that I can use across the board.” ​

In April 2014, after hearing about the Australian Local Government Leadership Colloquium at the 2013 Local Government Leadership Summit, Ku-ring-gai Council opted to deliver the program to its executive team and twenty-one senior managers. With a highly successful outcome for the first Colloquium cohort, Ku-ring-gai Council then shared the initiative with its elected officials in a two day workshop, before engaging another fifty coordinators and team leaders in early 2016. 

Ku-ring-gai Colloquium Team

Ku-ring-gai Leadership Team.

The program content was useful

The facilitators were knowledgeable & engaging

The program was at the right level for me

The program is stimulating & engaging

I would recommend the program to others


4.83 / 5

4.91 / 5

4.70 / 5

4.87 / 5

9.52 / 10

Executive and Senior Managers

Team Unity

Team Vision

Team Achievement


+ 33%

+ 23%

+ 29.5%

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