Sam Shalders

Coordinator Tourism & Community Information 

Ararat Rural City Council VIC

Going through this process together created a sense of comradery. Our shared vision was highlighted again and everybody is now working towards one goal.​

Robyn Hemley

Coordinator Community Development 

Tim McDougall

Coordinator Tourism

I thought the colloquium was really appropriate to rebuild our management team and to give them the knowledge and the skills to really take the organisation forward with the challenges ahead.​

Allan Bawden

Chief Executive Officer - Interim 

Angela Hunt

General Manager Community Services - Interim


Matt Wood

Director Corporate Strategy, Risk & Governance - Interim 

Bass Coast Shire VIC

Allan Bawden

Chief Executive Officer

The value of the colloquium to me was the opportunity to work with your team around some shared learning in a very participatory style and see them all grow and develop together along that journey.

Bega Shire Council NSW

Leanne Barnes

Chief Executive Officer 

We gained a common understanding about the roles that we should be playing and it took us all outside thinking about the day to day and stepping above to be in that leadership role.​

Hobsons Bay City Council VIC

Chris Eddy

Chief Executive Officer

It really challenged all of us to think about our leadership style and how we contributed to what we thought was a high performing team, but came to realise that it could be so much better.

5 x Directors

Coordinator Tourism & Community Information 

Ku-ring-gai Council VIC

John McKee

Chief Executive Officer

John McKee

Chief Executive Officer

John McKee

Chief Executive Officer 

When we got back, the staff were noticing a difference and there was a difference between the relationship within the senior management team and it was translated down to the managements groups as well.

Interactions became open honest and genuine and the difficult conversations became less difficult. Feedback also was perceived as positive and genuine rather than being seen as a criticism.​

Mid-Western Regional Council

Warwick Bennett

Chief Executive Officer

The most compelling outcome was the realisation for those people that are usually quiet and reserved that they had an important part to play in the development and growth of this council. They realised that all they had to say created value to our organisation.

Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council

Peter Teggart

Chief Executive Officer 

It gave us an opportunity to learn about each other, our impact on each other and therefore help me decide what sort of leader I needed to be for that organisation.​

Wyndham city council

Kerry Thompson

Chief Executive Officer

We can't always put the finger on what it is, but something is different. Managers or directors are engaging more, they're positive in their language about what's happening.

Kellie Wolle

Program manager 

Southern Alpine Resort Management Board

Gail Conman

Chief Executive Officer 

Trust is huge now, and we're feeling confident enough to have conversation that we didn't have in the past. There's excitement around that team now!​

The opportunity to step back and talk to people about why decisions get made, so they can be led by you instead of being managed about you has been a really strong and significant turning point for most of the managers.​

Caroline Lumley

Manager, Communications & Community Engagement 

Tamworth Regional Council, NSW

Paul Bennett

Chief Executive Officer 

Peter Thompson

Director, Planning & Compliance


Chris Weber

Director, Corporate & Governance 

The impact of the colloquium was exactly what I was hopping, which are those moments when I can say that there are better ways of doing things without really struggling. There are soft and gentle ways to manoeuvre things.

II have to say that the feedback that I've got since I've done the colloquium has been that I just seem much happier, much calmer, much more focus on what it is to be the leader rather than just being busy all the time.

Tenterfield Regional Council

Damien Connor

Chief Executive Officer 

The major benefit for the council itself is the improvement of the key individuals, there's now a very clear strategic direction which is matched up with a clear series of expectations. Our values a far better ingrained, understood and communicated.​

Western Leisure Services

Alison Dixon

Chief Executive Officer

Carson Brooks

Chief Operating Officer

Jodie Perry

Manager People and Organisational Efficiency 

I walked into a group of leaders sitting around in a circle openly sharing feedback and having the courage to share with people how they can grow.​

Belinda Stewart

Kindergarten Services Coordinator

People saw a team that became empowered. A team that once upon a time felt that they weren't part of the organisation who didn't have a voice and all of a sudden they did.

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