Transforming organisational culture​

Goulburn Mulwaree​


The goal of Goulburn Mulwaree Council is “one team, one organisation”. In 2014 new CEO Warwick Bennett engaged GPS Learning to guide the organisation to more fully achieving that goal. 

The leadership team needed a shared understanding of their direction and a more unified team.​

Guided by staff survey analysis, employees needed to fully commit and to see the greater contribution they could make to their community and colleagues.

Everyone in the organisation had be to be willing to perform together.

The Goulburn Mulwaree Council area is located in central New South Wales, about 200 kilometres south-west of the Sydney CBD, and 95 kilometres north-east of the Canberra CBD. It has over 250 employees and a yearly revenue in excess of $100m. Priorities include investment in infrastructure and providing efficient services. ​


Warwick Bennett shares what he has learned from the cultural transformation program at Goulburn Mulwaree, along with some advice for CEOs seeking to transform their own organisations.​

250 Goulburn Mulwaree employees engaged in a customised five-month process of collaborative exploration to create a transformed culture.


The program’s legacy is:

  • increased cross-functional working and less silos
  • clear expectations about values-based behaviours
  • employees producing results as one team.

GPS Colloquium Outcomes

at Goulburn Mulwaree

Goulburn Mulwaree benefited from their GPS Colloquium experience through:

  • Increased trust and more effective communication across the organisation, leading to cross-functional collaboration and better project management.
  • Employees have greater clarity about the contribution they make to the organisation and community.
  • A whole organisation that has committed to performing together.

"This will be a quote about Goulburn we take from the videos​"

Warwick Bennett

CEO Goulburn Mulwaree Council

Elise Jackson and Brad Edlington shares their experiences from a people and culture specialist perceptive, with advice for their fellow professionals in human resources.

I couldn’t even believe we could have gotten to that position. It was just a new level of energy, a new vibe, but very different conversations. The conversations were deep conversations, willingness to talk about their own issues, vulnerabilities.


Kerry Thompson

CEO City of Wyndham

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