With so many competing priorities, local government can be one of the most challenging industries in which to work and also potentially one of the most rewarding. Leading these complex, multifaceted organisations requires a strong sense of moral purpose, a fierce will to succeed and an unwavering desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Effective leadership is the process of strategically influencing and guiding an organisation towards meeting and ultimately exceeding its core objectives. The leaders of today’s council’s must expertly balance the competing needs of highly complex ecosystems in order to deliver on their mission of providing quality community services in a timely and effective way that enriches the lives of others.

For almost ten years, GPS Learning has been working in partnership with Australian councils to enhance leadership effectiveness across the sector. During this time, we have established a respected position at the forefront of applied leadership and organisational development, having worked closely with numerous council’s and their leadership teams. We have also been privileged to support the development of hundreds of talented and passionate individuals in their critical role as custodians of our communities.

A powerful link between GPS Learning and a wide range of respected thought leaders is central to creating the best outcomes for our clients. We believe that visionary leadership is a key element in solving the complex challenges we face as a country and that great opportunities abound for talented, community focused individuals to help shape the local government sector of the future. Together with our many and varied stakeholders we aim to play a pivotal role in this.

At an individual level, our achievements continue to be driven by an unwavering commitment to our learners and to enabling them to achieve their own unique vision of success. We aim to work collaboratively with our participants, to better understand and appreciate their needs, in order to help them to achieve better outcomes for their communities.

Everything we do is guided by an approach which puts our learner’s front and centre. We value collegiality and partnership and strive to offer solutions which benefit individuals and the connected communities they exist in. In that spirit, we invite you, whether you’re an individual leader or an organisational representative, to reach out to us to discuss ways in which GPS Learning might support you to achieve your objectives.

Antony Maxwell

National Director, GPS Learning

Government and public sector learning