What feedback did participants give?

In his newly appointed position of Goulburn Mulwaree Council Chief Executive Officer, Warwick Bennett observed the critical need to develop his leadership team in preparation for the required organisational capability and capacity development. Additionally, the council was actively looking to engage an outside provider to develop a leadership program for its 24 senior leaders. Through an open tender process the Australian School of Applied Management (ASAM) was selected to engage the senior leadership team and commence the change management program. 

Why did Goulburn Mulwaree Council decide to run the program?

In order to enact the requiued organisational change, Mr Bennett recognised that a collective leadership development program was necessary for the entire management team. Moreover, his vision was to create a unified leadership language which aligned to the council’s existing values and strategic objectives. ASAM’s Director of Learning & Development, Antony Maxwell was engaged to deliver the program based on his extensive leadership development experience within local government.

What were the key learning areas for Goulburn Mulwaree Council?

During the program, key learning areas surfaced for the council’s management team around the importance of taking personal responsibility for one’s own actions and the significance of developing a shared sense of unity through deep trust. Goulburn Mulwaree managers consistently provided positive feedback and specific behavioural outcomes from Colloquium leadership program which are offered for reflection. Moreover, prior to and following the conclusion of the program, four questions were posed to each manager in order to establish a tangible return on investment.

How has this program helped you in your work or personal life?

In every way - greater confidence, willingness to challenge and be challenged.

Gained a better understanding of leadership styles and the importance of working together as a unified team.

Greater respect for people’s differences.

Self-awareness, positive team environment.

I am more aware of going below the line in my behaviour. I am engaging more with the leadership team.

Encouragement for the difficult conversations and more of the “Above the Line” behaviour.

It has given me a new selection of tools to engage my staff with and makes me feel a lot more comfortable in my leadership role.

Given me tools to use.

This program has provided me with the frameworks and ways of thinking that I can readily implement and am excited to do so.

Because it continuously challenged me to trust in myself to try new things.

It has made me consider the way I think and act in a variety of situations.

Made me both self-aware and aware of others (accepting).

It has given me more confidence in myself and in the team to be a leader.

Yes, both. Self-awareness, opportunity for development.


What benefits have emerged for Goulburn Mulwaree cohort?

During the in-house Colloquium program, delegates have consistently provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on the various Colloquium workshops. To establish a return on investment for Goulburn Mulwaree Council, delegates responded to a number of questions that were posed both pre and post Colloquium.

The questions were focused upon four areas: team vision, team unity, team achievement and personal line of sight.

The percentage findings for each area are listed below.

Goulburn Mulwaree Council

The program content was useful

The facilitators were knowledgeable & engaging

The program was at the right level for me

The program is stimulating & engaging

I would recommend the program to others

Average Score

4.9 / 5

4.95 / 5

4.86 / 5

4.9 / 5

9.43 / 10

Photograph of team

“I've done University courses, I've done other courses, but this was one where the whole organisation worked together. I think that's what sets this course apart from anything I've done in the last 30 years. This was an opportunity for us to learn together and we implemented everything we learnt. I just got so excited about the outcomes that we were able to achieve. Never seen anything like it in my life, never experienced it before, thrilled to bits.”   

Warwick Bennett, GM, Mid-Western Regional Council


What were the expectations going into the program?

Mid-Western council is as a large dynamic organisation. However, Chief Executive Warwick Bennett identified that key business units within the council were working in silos and this was having an impact on the effectiveness of the organisation. Therefore, the aim of the program, and something that was achieved very effectively, was enhancing organisation wide communication and collaboration and ensuring the whole team was working together for the same outcome. 

What have been the key impact areas?

One of the most compelling outcomes has been the unity of the team. The program has helped each individual better understand their role in the growth and development of the council. It has been an opportunity for the team to learn together, grow together and implement their learning together.

What feedback did participants give?

During the program, participants were asked to provide feedback on various elements of the program including the impact it was having on their performance as a leader. A snapshot of the aggregated feedback is included below.

Mid-Western Executive and Senior Management Team.


Mid-Western Regional Council

In May 2012, Mid-Western Regional Council, led by Chief Executive Officer, Warwick Bennett registered its senior executive team and twenty senior managers to undertake the Australian Local Government Leadership Colloquium. Based on the tremendous outcomes Mr Bennett witnessed in his  leadership team at Mid-Western, in March 2015, as CEO of Goulburn Mulwaree Council, Mr Bennett again made the decision to rollout the Australian Local Government Leadership Colloquium. Based on the success of this program, and under the direction of Mr Bennett, Goulburn Mulwaree Council has since extended their involvement to include their coordinators and team leaders.​

“Allowed a greater sense of self-awareness and the potential impact that I can have on other people” ​

“This has given me the skills that I will use thought the rest of my career”​

“This is the best learning experience I have been involved in for a team”​

"It has been the best learning and development experience I have ever been involved in"


Goulburn Mulwaree Senior Management Team.

Photograph of team

Does your leadership team have a shared understanding of where it is going?

Does your leadership team have a shared sense of unity?

Does your leadership team have a shared sense of empowerment? We can achieve anything together?

How clear is the line of sight between your tasks and the organisational goals?


+ 21% 

+ 35%

+ 30%

+ 12%


4.75 / 5

5 / 5

4.75 / 5

4.8 / 5

9.1 / 10

The program content was useful

The facilitators were knowledgeable & engaging

The program was at the right level for me

The program is stimulating & engaging

I would recommend the program to others

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