This extensive exposure has resulted in an exceptional understanding of the complexities and challenges commonly experienced by leaders and managers within the modern public sector. In combining this unique insight with internationally respected leadership approaches, ASAM has created an exceptional range of best practice leadership development offerings tailored to the specific requirements of current and future public sector leaders.

Over coming years, through GPS Learning, ASAM will oversee the rollout of a range of training, networking and mentoring initiatives tailored to the developing needs of the modern public sector manager. Through programs designed to offer genuinely transformational change, public sector leaders will be exposed to the very best development tools, models, and educators from academia and the corporate arena. By fostering the highest standards in leadership practice, GPS Learning aims to create the conditions in which optimal communication, collaboration and performance can flourish.​

Over the past decade, GPS Learning has worked collaboratively with numerous local, state and federal government organisations across all states and territories to enhance the skills and knowledge of their leaders.


Some of our Clients

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